Cannabis Travel and Marketing

Cannabis Travel and Marketing, how to get noticed.

Cannabis marketing? So if your opening a new hotel for marijuana vacations or any 420 friendly business then you know how hard it is to get people to know where you are, what you have and how yours is better then the others. Also with the stigma cannabis has it is nearly impossible to use the normal channels you can with selling other products.

One way a lot seem to do and some do it successfully is to get some media attention. the major media outlets can help boost you traffic and call volume, but it also can place a negative light on you as well so be careful and control what you can. This is a sure fire way to get your business a viral start or boost, and can also get you some great high ranking link placements online as well. This is your viral type of marketing.cannabis marketing

Another way is peer to peer marketing, that’s where customers share your product online in social media, emails, and the like. you can have contests, giveaways. This type of marketing works, it is also a very low investment and has made a lot of revenue for  companies.

You can do it better. If your in a crowded space, market yourself/product or service to target areas already in use and supply a product that better meets the needs of the customers. If you can do it better and for a better value then you just may have a winning product.

Marijuana marketing on social media is a very hard thing to do with all of the censors. Now there are ways to skirt the system but it still makes for a difficult time getting your page shared and liked and run the risk of getting the new likes removed. You can also use influencers to post your page on their high like and shared page but some cost way more then they will ever deliver in clients, compared to a natural marketing campaign in social circles.

Cannabis marketing is getting easier by the month but it still has limitations as to compared to traditional marketing. Once the stigma is lowered, cannabis marketing will be a great new way for SEO companies, marketing experts to make a great living. this industry is growing and has a ton of growth left in it. As states become more and more legal marijuana marketing will be a highly profitable venture for the right companies with the right ideas and execution.

We hope you have a profitable venture and make sure to use companies with a proven record.


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